Welcome! I’m Lisa Somers

I am an entrepreneur and human behaviour geek who can get your life back to fulfilment and balance, allowing you to smash your business goals without spending 23 hours a day at the office or missing out on family time!

I am proud to say that I have revolutionised my own work practices, as well as those around me. I have changed the thought and behaviour patterns which so often hold us back from the life we really want, and deserve.

One of the things I wanted to share with the world, was my love for research and theory (sounds riveting, right?). But this is awesome news for you, because it means that any advice I give or speak about, is based on actual research done by actual experts. None of this wishy-washy, tea leaves in a cup, “find yourself” in rainforest stuff.

I help people like you create results, through actionable steps and routines that you can commit to easily.

My whole life has been spent people-watching, and what I have learned is that we are really an interesting bunch, for sure! I wanted to know why we spend 12 hours working when we know we can only concentrate for 40 minutes at a time. I wanted to know why people base their happiness on financial milestones only, and miss out on all those genuine fulfilling moments at home.

Why is it that some of the most successful people (financially speaking), are often the ones who struggle with their personal lives?

Some of my other multitude of passions include: Philosophy, reading (typically Personal Development and Entrepreneur Lit, but I’m a massive Stephen King fan), Music, Writing and Animals (I have a horse and two dogs, who I’m sure you’ll hear more about!)

It’s one thing to be interested, but another to be committed. I was interested for a long time in Psychotherapy and Counselling, and actually studied this for a time. After a while though, I realised what I was studying for was the “safety” of a 9-5, when actually this was the last thing I wanted.

I also discovered the money-making industry of adult education, one which I didn’t want to be part of anymore. I looked around at the incredible people that have influenced me, Marie Forleo and Russell Brunson mostly, and decided that I would much rather be coached by someone who is awesome at what they do vs. someone who has a certificate on a wall.

So, armed with the decision to never become a certificate gatherer, I began working with my brother, Stephen, and his business partner, Robert, at his company Marketplace Superheroes, teaching people just like you to generate passive incomes and live their “Superhero Lifestyle”, as they call it, through selling products on Amazon.

When I started working with the guys, I interviewed some members for case studies or testimonials of the course. These people were incredible, so hard-working and determined to make their dream a reality. But, some of the most successful entrepreneurs I spoke to explained their struggle with managing family life, routine, stress levels, and relaxation time was a thing of the past.

This completely was not what the term “passive income” should mean, and I found myself hitting these guys up with some tips and tricks to create space in their lives for other important things, as well as their new business.

This was really the origin of the Mindstein System (like Einstein, get it?). I wanted to share this actionable knowledge with more people, people whose business is rocking at an incredible level, but whose personal life has suffered as a result.


I truly believe that every business needs a strong leader, and to be a leader, you have to lead a sustainable lifestyle. Sure, getting up at 3am and working 14 hour days can work for a little while, but the pressure and stress will eventually become too much. The Mindstein System is here to combat this, and get you on the right track going forward.

I also understand how difficult this can be, working so much to get things done, and putting off family gatherings, meeting up with friends, or foregoing that extra hour or two in bed. I get it, it’s difficult to fit everything in. That’s why I have brought you this system. To change how you see your day, how you see those around you, and how you see yourself.

You see, I know your business means the world to you. So I want to show you how to generate far more profit than ever before, by changing up your mindset and looking at your world in a different light.

For me personally, this change in thinking, based on research which I can understand logically and implement easily, has lead to increased productivity, decreased stress (and panic) levels, as well as genuine happiness in my life, even when things don’t go to plan or get completely screwed up!

My company is built on this foundation. A belief in the power of knowledge and understanding, coupled with a willingness to implement and change how you see the world. We are all filled up to the brim with these limiting beliefs which stop us from fulfilling our real goals, sometimes we are so blinded, we don’t even know what these are.

Through our free live streams, content releases, and our paid coaching programs, we believe the Mindstein System can truly change your life and your business. We want this for you, and we want to help you build your fulfilled life, not a life full of paperwork, missed occasions and feelings of inadequacy, guilt and the fear of never being enough.

Whether you are truly struggling with getting the balance in your life right, or just have a few limiting beliefs which are holding you back, the Mindstein System can help you reach the height of your potential, as a person and as a business owner, and delve into your strengths which you can harness to grow even more.

We are a business, and we do sell our programs. However, you will find a lot of free content. Because this is important, and people need to hear this. We would have a lot of happy CEO’s and Entrepreneurs living their lives in a balanced way, if more people had access to the knowledge needed.

I don’t have all the answers, I am not Yoda…yet. I am just as human as you, and I struggle sometimes with the same feelings of “Am I good enough?” or “Why would people listen to me?”. But, what I always come back to is results. If I can help you to change up one thing in your life and business which leads to a better outcome, then I’m happy!

I am so committed to sharing with you what I live and experience every day, as a business owner and person with a beautiful partner, family and friends, who I strive to make time for every day. I want to be honest with you about where I am in my life, so this will be un-rehearsed and real. But from this, you can expect ideas which will really make you re-think, some jokes and lots of sarcasm (I am Irish after all) and a promise to build the path for you to lean into fulfilment and genuine happiness.


If you’ve stuck around this far, you must be an interesting person, with a drive to make a change! I love to get to know all of you, as most of you are just like me, determined, open, willing to learn and down to earth! I’d love you to introduce yourself in the free Mindstein System Facebook group, which is open to anyone!

You can request to join here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/mindsteinsystemfreegroup/

Thanks so much for taking to time to read about why I created the Mindstein System, and how it can change your way of thinking and being, without having to spend years “finding yourself”.

I can’t wait to connect with you!

Lisa xo

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