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Today’s post is going to be pretty short (well…relatively). It’s an important message, but one which doesn’t require too much explanation for you guys to catch my drift, and hopefully apply it to your own life.

So, recently myself and my brother went out for a beautiful meal in a nearby restaurant with one of our amazing friends.

Over the course of our dinner (which was delicious by the way!), we talked about lots of things, from how business was going, to our own lives, and the future ahead.

As we talked, our friend began to tell us about his own experience of being seriously unwell over the past number of years, and how this had brought about significant change in the way he views the world now.

He had suffered from a serious illness, and was thankfully much better now!

But, what was so honest and real about his situation was that he didn’t have a lightbulb moment where he just said f**k it and started living life to the full, like we always see in movies, with inspirational soundtracks and running through the rain to kiss your one true love, etc.

He instead told us about the small, subtle changes which he didn’t even really notice at first, but which actually had the greatest impact.

Once a month, he would have to travel down the country to attend meetings. This was a busy day for him – pack up the car, rush down to beat traffic and get to meetings on time.

Once everything was done with the meetings, he would hurry back to the car, and head straight up home again, ending his day exhausted and mentally drained.

Everything was a rush, and everything was tiring.

However, all of this changed when he became ill, and afterwards he began making some small changes, almost without realising!

He now found himself checking in for not one, but two nights at a local hotel, treating himself to a steak dinner, and making the trip home when he wanted to, not when he felt he should.

This was a big shift from not even staying over for one night, and pushing himself to drive for hours in a hurry to get home.

This initial behaviour didn’t serve him, and inevitably had consequences on how he was feeling on those days. As I said, he was pretty exhausted, fed up and would often feel unmotivated for a couple of days, after one of these long trips.

The funny thing is, when our friend was rushing around, he wasn’t really rushing to be somewhere or to do something, he was just rushing for the sake of feeling busy, which I’m sure resonates with a lot of you here.

We love to be able to say “Oh I’m just crazy busy!”, or “I haven’t got a minute today”, because we feel like we’re achieving things…But are we genuinely productive in the midst of all this panic and rush? I would argue that we’re not.

Now, he was able to slow down, and enjoy the moments he typically spent hurrying from Point A to Point B. Imagine the change this brought about in the way he felt about his day. The way he felt about himself. He now valued his health and happiness on a much higher level.

He was putting his hand up, and saying “Hold on a second, I don’t need to be completely burnt out to be successful and productive! I can achieve those things and actually enjoy it in the process!

This was something he didn’t even consciously decide, but it was something that naturally happened as a result of all that had presented itself in his life.

So, how does this apply to you and your business?

If you spend every day in a hurry to get to the next thing, to complete the next task, to reach the next goal, take a minute to slow down.

I understand that you’re busy and that today’s world doesn’t really like waiting around for answers, but will rushing really get you there any faster, in the grand scheme of things?

Or will it lead you towards unhappiness, a lack of fulfilment and an unsustainable lifestyle? This is not what I want for you, and I’m sure it’s not what you want, either!

If you’re reading this, how you live your life now, and in the future is obviously important to you, and it’s awesome that you value yourself enough to think ahead, as actually, a lot of people don’t.

Making these small subtle changes can lead to incredible results.

Taking some time to go for a walk on the beach with your family during the week or a 20 minute break to do some colouring (yeah, they have colouring books for adults now and they’re seriously relaxing!), is not something which will cause massive damage to your business.

Here’s one I did earlier…


You can make these micro-decisions, which can have an amazing influence on your daily wellbeing, so choose to make these changes, and choose sustainability over burning out, every time.

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